the-old-soho-stuff asked: Hey! I love your blog!beautiful pictures!
fan of Jane too :)

Thankyyooouuu so so much!

freakypencils asked: I'm sorry but I thought this was the perfect place to divulge. I just found out only now (yes, I'm late augh) that Simon Woods came out in 2009. I'd be the last person to have absolutely anything against homosexuality but augh if he and Rosamund Pike were still together they'd be unstoppable. But he's happy, and that's all I wish for people like Simon Woods to be. :,)


Yes! A thousand times, yes!

Yes! A thousand times, yes!

freakypencils asked: Would you happen to have a GIF of the 2005 Darcy and Bingley scene where Bingley was rehearsing proposing to Jane? I thought that was absolutely adorable. :D

I did have one on my computer somewhere, I’ll look for it now! Thankyou for checking out the blog!

Becoming Jane

Oh yes and do you also feel compassion for Wisley in “Becoming Jane”? Even if Tom Lefroy is heart breaking, I feel as if poor Wisely was just manipulated by his aunt and that he wasnt as stupid as he seems. Just a thought.

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Yes, I do. It seems as if that whole era treated marriage as a business deal and not anything to do with emotions.

Becoming Jane

aahhh i love Tom’s smile as he tells Jane her horizons need to be “widended” :) i reblogged your post if you dont mind :D 

Jane Austen is one of my favorite authors of all times. I have recently re-read Pride and Prejudice :D Still as amazing as the first time I read it though the language is a little outdated.

You have a great blog :)


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Thankyyyyoou <3
oh it’s lovely, i’m glad you adore it just as much as I do! 

postsviadisneyworld-deactivated asked: I'm really enjoying your blog so far :)
I know it's hard to choose but what is your favourite Austen novel?

Northanger Abbey…
As much as I love Elizabeth and Fitzwilliam dearly, I cannot get past Henry Tilney! I also feel like I relate to Catherine Morland more than any of the other Austen protagonists.

kell887 asked: Only as of this semester (January-May) I've begun reading the works of Jane Austen as a part of my 'Novels of Jane Austen' course. I believe I'm falling in love. She's taking over my daily life, my thoughts, even my speech.
Going in I had only seen the Collin Firth 'Pride and Prejudice' and 'Becoming Jane' with Anne Hathaway (which personally don't count as I didn't know how accurate the depiction would be of Miss Austen.). Though now as I'm on Mansfield Park, I love going to class. I'm glad you made this Tumblr because I strive to have my own personal tumblr reflect who I am at any given time. And now?
Now I wish to be a Jane Austen scholar.

So are you studying her novels as part of a University course??!
What are you studying and where can I sign up? That sounds splendid.
Ooh make sure you see all of the other adaptations (after her books, of course!)
It’s so lovely to read messages from people who have just recently started to love her work! I went through a near-obsessive Jane Austen phase a while ago, but although I’m over that (almost…) she is definitely one of my most favourite authors and her novels are ever so pleasant and surprisingly relevant - in relation to the human condition etc.

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I have a personal blog: but it’s quite different and revolves more around bands I like and such.

flapjacksblog2 asked: What is your favorite cartoon character?

Probably Sailor Moon.
It’d be Mr. Darcy if there were a Pride and Prejudice cartoon, but that ceases to exist…